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Andre and Yana Sushchik, parents to three, built not one but two homes since they were hitched. Their recent home is a Cali-inspired, calm oasis. Tucked behind a line of matured trees for the ultimate county feel while being right in Sioux Falls.

I’ve known the couple practically all my life and we’ve connected in many ways however our love for design is something we always agree on. And if you know us, were basically always matching- cause everyone needs a friend like that!

When it comes to expertise, to me, experience is everything. That’s why I asked Yana and Andre some commonly-asked questions on new home construction and design. If you are in the process of building a new home or have this bucket listed- this post is for you!!!

What was your inspiration when deciding on a house plan?

Most of our house inspiration came from traveling! From the hip midcentury Ace Hotel we stayed in Palm Springs, to our beautiful, airy, beach house in Malibu. We really loved the ‘coastal living’ vibes so when it came to building our second home, we did just that. I was inspired to make our home feel like we’re always on vacation. That meant, pulling all the earthy, airy, neutral, organic vibes.

What are some thing you learned that you didn't know about new home construction?

I didn’t know that every neighborhood/development has specific covenants that you need to comply with. Everything from roof pitch, to how much sq feet of stone or brick you have to have on your house, and what house paint color you can or cannot have. I’m a person who doesn’t like limits and rules so it was really hard for me to stick to the boundaries that were set haha!

How did you decide on a builder? Do you have any suggestions when picking a builder?

When hiring a builder, obviously we wanted someone thats highly experienced in building homes especially the type of home that we wanted. But, what was also very important to me is hiring someone who would listen to all my crazy ideas haha! We chose Elite Builders and they deliver on the vision!

What is your favorite thing about your new home? What are some features you had to have in your new house?

Amongst many, my top favorite that I had to have is our large, sliding patio doors (awesome when entertaining on the patio and beautiful forest view year round). I’m also in love with our cool arch that breaks up our living space and leads into the bedrooms. I wanted a unique and cool focal point in our house and it’s definitely my best decision!!

Do you have any regrets or things you would change?

If I would go back, I would’ve spent a little bit more money and invested in a better quality carpet… and also not a white one. It’ll catch up to you

What is the most asked question you get about your home?

My most asked question, and when I say that, I mean I get this almost on a weekly basis, its “where are your floors from?” So if anyone else is still wondering, its Mohawk Flooring laminate Beachside Collective color Gulf Sand.

Did you guys do anything yourselves?

Yes! Luckily my husband is a jack of all trades!! :) He laid tile in both of our bathrooms, and our kitchen. And with the help of friends and family, we installed all the hard wood floors ourselves.

What are some tips you can share that you've learned from building two homes now?

Building a house is like making art. You can color outside the walls and have something that is unique and solely you, and authentic, or you can be safe and color inside the walls and have your art look just like all your neighbors! :) When in the planning/building process, there are a lot of “are you sure moments?”. Go with your gut, and don’t be afraid to try something different! Its YOUR house so make decisions that when you walk trough your house, you’ll be proud of it and you’ll be like, “yeahhhhh!!!!” Not, “oh I wish I didn't listen to so an so and did what I wanted”

Hope you enjoyed the read!

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