At home with Vitruvi

Atmosphere is everything to me. Often hard to control, but there are ways you can subconsciously improve mood just with your diffuser. If you don’t own one yet- I hope I can convince you to invest into one! Using essential oils is awesome but diffusing them is my personal favorite.

Studies show that aromatherapy has an insane amount of benefits. Here is a very brief list of some:

  • improve quality of sleep

  • manage pain

  • fight bacteria

  • boost immunity

  • reduce stress

and the list can go on for hours….

My very first experience with essential oils was when I was in labor with my son Zion. Since my labour was a long one- the lavender bath I took helped soothe the pain from a solid 8 to a manageable 5. That was the spark I needed to look into essential oils.

If you’re not already familiar- let me introduce you to Vitruvi- a brand I am proud to stand by! Founded by two siblings Sean and Sarah Panton. Ok, let’s stop here. My obsession for the company lies in the fact that these two young souls took a risk and started a company out of their apartment. Inspiring is an understatement. They created everything I’ve hoped for in a product. Quality, variety and something that aligns beautifully with my home aesthetic.

Hope you take a peak at some of the items I own from this modern brand. If you decide to purchase any products- please use promo code: SILCHUKNEST for 20% off… and I also get a treat from them for each sale! Feel free to drop an email or message if you have any questions as I would be honored to help!


Much love,


Oksana SilchukComment