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Well hello!

Thank you for visiting! I am Oksana Silchuk. I designed this page to document my process of creating a warm, inviting, and cozy home for my family and everyone who comes to visit. I hope this page gives you a snippet of inspiration but most importantly, I hope it connects me with YOU! 

My husband Vitaly and I have been married for soon to be 10 years! I'm also a mom of two toddlers, Zion and Chloe, who give my life so much purpose and meaning and keep me busy. Among the all the busyness, I try to remind myself that life is about people and relationships. I enjoy deep and meaningful conversations, its a blessing to be able to get to know ones heart.

I work part-time at a dental office. On days that I don't work you will find me chasing the babes while doing laundry and of course... ALL things creative! During nap time, I focus on my passion for fashion and design. 

A photo can say 1,000 words. Unfortunately, my photos don't always tell the back story – the crying toddler in the background, or the disaster in the sink. But you know what? Life is not meant to be perfect. I myself am a work-in-progress and the only good thing in me is the One who I surrendered my life to. With all this in mind, I'm looking forward to stretching my horizons and making new friends along the way...


Much love,