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A good nights sleep is vital for humans to "survive".- or so they say. Although we've had our fair share of restless nights, the kids graciously let us sleep most nights now. Sleep is a love-hate relationship. 

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Did you know that we spend a 3rd of our lives sleeping? So, if you live till 75, you will spend 25 of those years sleeping! That is a long time! My husband on the other hand probably would only sleep 15 of those years. I still don't know how the man can function on such little sleep- but he is a rare human! 

With that being said, I realized how near and dear my bed is to me. After learning the facts, I came to a conclusion that investing in a good mattress, pillows and bed sheets is a good thing. 

A few months ago, we tried bedding by Parachute Home. A brand unlike any other I've come across. Super trendy, comfortable yet so versatile, the whole family loves. Now, whether we are jumping on the bed, snuggling between the sheets or taking a snooze, we are ENJOYING IT!

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Photography by: Michell Stizheus

Bedding by: Parachute Home 

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