Chloe Turns 3


South Dakota winters are brutal. So we decided to have a beach day for Chloe’s 3rd birthday. So many giggles from Chloe and her friends that day. We are over the moon with every word she says now days. Totally smitten with her sweetness and her motherly nature. I don’t know anyone who loves babies like Chloe. All of her days are filled with taking care of her babies and being a princess, of course. She is our absolute treasure and I hope those cheek to cheek conversations never stop. 


Per usual, I rely on things I already own to decorate for a party. Keeping those costs to a minimum. This time, I only purchased flowers and young coconuts from our grocery store. The rest I found in our basement, tucked away for the summer days. 




Our house was full of Chloes little girl friends and of course her closest friend, her brother Zion. We played games, ran around and make some oil blends.

Oksana SilchukComment