Sweet Baby Bird


We're expecting another baby bird come early November! 

We are completely over the moon! Actually to be honest, 99% excited and 1% nervous to figure out life with 3 kids now! Our babes are even more excited! Rubbing and kissing my tummy, praying for the baby. Kids have always been my weakness. 

I am finally recovering from "morning sickness"- something I was not familiar with. I haven't experienced nausea till now. I have to say, it brought a lot of appreciation for all those moms who deal with it, and take it like champs- they are heroes and deserve a metal! 



Our Journey:

Of all the journeys I've traveled in life, motherhood has been one twisted and winding road. Full of ups and downs, laughter that made my stomach hurt to a lot of bitter tears. Vitaly and I experienced a pretty tragic and unexpected loss our very first pregnancy. We held a tiny and fragile babe in our hands. We saw the tiniest heart beating through his transparent and un-matured skin and knew this sweet boy was meant for heaven. We didn't want to accept it at first, and it "messed us up" for years! Some days, we could barely catch a deep breath because of our aching hearts but, this tiny boy, Jax, changed our lives. 

I thought I knew it all, how to trust, how to surrender to only realize that I've only scratched the surface. I learned more of God's grace and how my life is so much better in God's hands. It was in those crazy-hard moments I experienced His deepest embrace. He was so close. His peace completely covered every part of my life. If I ever had any doubts about God's love for me, He cured them completely. 

OUR hope:

If I had to describe my relationship with God in two words it's: Gracefully Broken (by the way, that song by Matt Redman "Gracefully Broken" is my hearts anthem). He has been working on me a lot lately and it often hurts but He does it in such a gentle way. He doesn't rush me, He gives me chances, He guides me and picks me up when I fall. He has been so good and gracious to me. 

And on top of it all, He has given me a chance to be a mother. A role I don't take lightly. Sitting here and feeling the sweet baby kicks, I am reminded how far He has brought Vitaly and I. I am reminded of the work God has done on our hearts and how much more He will do in our future. But He is in charge and I am more than OK with that- I actually prefer it that way!

So cheers to baby #3!!! (and to figuring out this thing called "life").




Much Love,

Oksana (& our 16wk bump)