Chloe's First Birthday


The most beautiful events I’ve experienced in my entire life were the births of my two babies who are now 4 & 2. Seeing their tiny lips and toes for the first time, and feeling their warm little bodies has to be the highlight of my entire life. Seeing my husband swooning and hovering over our little babes making sure they are warm and secure is probably the next best thing. And then it happened!!!  We blinked and you would NOT believe it… a whole YEAR flew by! First birthdays are a huge accomplishment, but at the same time are very devastating because you realize that the newborn scent has worn off and you can hardly lift your baby in the car seat.

And just like that, my husband and I ended up with 2 winter babies. With that said, we’ve never been fortunate enough to throw those fun outdoor parties that involve slides and inflatables. And I’ve come to terms with the fact that two winter babies mean a lot of indoor celebrations.

Chloe’s first birthday was filled with lots of plants, which we brought inside for the winter. We also incorporated knits, copper details and as much natural light as possible. My favorite piece was hands-down the highchair I scored from craigslist that my sweet man restored. And call us cheap (I like to call it being economical) but we pieced together as many things we found around the house to give it a festive feel without breaking the bank.”


As you’ll notice, pickles and jam are huge at our house. We used the glass jars we’ve accrued throughout the year as candle holders to brighten up our mantel. Some of the jars were wrapped with yarn to add more warmth and texture. We used a wooden crate, that on a regular day gets used to tuck away toys, as a shelf to add dimension to the “cake table”. I repotted all the plants into clay pots to keep everything consistent. Everything that gave off the cozy, inviting and warm feel was brought out to display on this special day. I hope you can find some inspiration here, and if you are like us, and have birthdays where you’re stuck inside, you too can make the most of it. I hope you can spend the day snuggling with ones you love unconditionally; embracing things you already own.

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Serge Sushchik