Re-staging, Shelving, & Transformations


I love moving things around in my home as it makes me feel like I’ve hit the refresh button. One of the ways I spruce up my home is by un-decorating and re-staging. Sounds weird, I know! But there’s nothing more satisfying than a “blank canvas”. When the creative juices start flowing, I literally move my entire living room (or whatever room I am working with) to one corner and start with a clean slate, moving things around playing with it until it feels just right. It doesn’t always make sense at first and looks odd but it’s all about the big picture. Today I want to show you how I style my kitchen shelf doing just that, de-staging and then putting it back together.

How to achieve this look:

  1. Start with a clean shelf.
  2. Start with the large pieces first & position them randomly throughout the space. (This part always looks odd and it really doesn’t have to make sense.)
  3. Add in your medium sized pieces next. I like to add texture by layering, for example, placing items both horizontally and vertically (such as plates).
  4. Add in some contrast by placing light pieces in front of dark pieces.
  5. Incorporate everything else! (This is my favorite part!) In my case, I added a glass jar full of carved wooden spoons, cheese board utensils, metal straws & honey spoons. I also added a bit of nature with some dried grass from my backyard. I like to play around and add height and dimension.

I prefer a cohesive shelf and displaying items with a similar feel. I stick with a color scheme or an actual theme. I love simplicity with a pop. I also try to tie in pieces that make me happy and bring heartfelt memories or just things I enjoy (such as coffee- can I get an AMEN!?). My shelf incorporates a lot of simple whites, textured whites, neutrals and to add the pop factor a bit of copper. I begin by separating my items into three sections. Large items, medium pieces and the tiny details. I like to make three piles on my table.


Hope this helps you with whatever project that’s brewing in your creative soul right now. My only advice I can give is to start blank and bare. This can be applied in a lot of areas of our life. There’s something powerful about a fresh start as it often turns into a magnificent transformation.

Serge Sushchik