Holiday DIY

This time of year is a favorite at our “Nest”. It’s enjoyable for so many reasons but my favorite reason is to use those creative cells in my body that perhaps have been hibernating all year long. Since were all about stretching that penny, here are some ornaments I’ve created and put on my tree this year. Hope it inspires you to go out of your comfort zone and do something unusual and get your family involved doing it!

*All supplies can be found at your local craft store- I purchased all of mine at Hobby Lobby. 


“Paper Lantern”

  1. Items you need: card stock paper, beads (different sizes), hole punch, cord (mine is suede) and scissors.
  2. Cut 8 pieces or paper. Mine are approx. 6in long and 1/2 inch wide.
  3. Line up all pieces and make a hole on each end.
  4. Take a long piece of cord, fold into two and put your beads on the side with a loop.
  5. Line up you holes and thread the paper through both ends.
  6. Add a bead to the bottom and tie your cord to keep the bead secured in place.
  7. Fan out the paper, tie and cut access cord.


  1. Items you need: yarn, scissors, hard cover book, wooden beads and a long & thin tool to help feed the yard through the beads.
  2. Wrap your book approx. 50 times with your yarn
  3. Tie one end really tight and cut through the other end.
  4. Tie the tied end with additional yarn horizontally.
  5. Thread your beads and trim your ends to make them all equal length.

Feather Ring”

  1. Items you need: wooden ring, beads, feather, cord and scissors.
  2. Wrap your ring 2-3 times with your cord and secure it with your bead but don’t tighten all the way.
  3. Feed the tip of your feather on the back side of the cord.
  4. Tighten to secure everything with your bead.

These ornaments instantly became sentimental and priceless for me. Hope you find a slow and cozy night in the next few weeks, make a cup of hot cocoa (insert drool emoji here), turn on some Christmas music and embrace your creative side with your little ones (or big ones) and perhaps create a few Christmas tradition.

Oksana Silchuk